Our Fostering Program

Lone Star Fostering Program

Being a Foster family can be a wonderful arrangement that is beneficial to dog, breeder and the family that fosters a puppy or a young female Retriever. We at Lonestar Retrievers have a Labrador and Golden Retriever foster program for families within the GTA locations.

We at Lonestar Retrievers from time to time place one of our lovely Retrievers with an appropriate family from the time they are a young age. This ensures that the puppy is socialized, bonded and grows up in a loving Family home other than our own. When the female is old enough for breeding Lonestar then takes the female for short visits to have the appropriate clearances completed for breeding purposes. Once the dog is ready to be bred, they return to Lonestar Retrievers to be bred. The girls are with their Foster families when they are pregnant, return to Lonestar Retrievers when the puppies are due and then go back to their families once they are weaned from their puppies (approximately 7 weeks later). After the contract has come to an end, Lonestar spays the female and they are returned to their families on a permanent basis.

Contact Us

Contact Dave or Ashleigh at Lonestar Retrievers for more information about our Foster program requirements and whether your family is a good fit for our program.

News: November 2020 – At this time we do not have any puppies or young female adults available for Fostering. We most likely will not have any puppies available for Fostering until 2021/2022.