Enjoy the Company of a Golden Furry Friend

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are known for their loyalty, exceptional intelligence, and companionship. Our Golden Retrievers are known for their calm, docile temperaments, stunning physical characteristics, and their friendly personalities.

At LoneStar Retrievers we believe in providing quality Golden Retrievers. All of our puppies are Canadian Kennel Club registered to ensure thorough and quality breeding practices. We breed only from animals clear of any genetic defects and lineage clear of hip dysplasia.

All of our puppies come with a 2 year Genetic Guarantee with a lifetime of support throughout your new family members life!

All of our breedings are carefully planned and we only select the best quality, gentle, well-rounded temperament dogs who have been tested and cleared of any potential genetic concerns or problems.

Rest assured that your new addition to your family is from a Responsible Registered Breeder.